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Visual SPC / Proficy Shop Floor SPC Training

CimWorks UK, Visual SPC and Proficy Shop Floor SPC

CimWorks UK Ltd have sold, trained and supported Visual SPC and its descendant, Proficy Shop Floor SPC for over 15 Years.

We are proud to be regarded as an 'expert source' for consultancy and training by GE Intelligent Platforms, the authours of Proficy Shop Floor SPC, the latest incarnation of the Visual SPC software.

Training across multiple media

We provide training directed at the following client levels

  • Operator
  • Cell Leader
  • Administrator
Training can be provided over the following media.
  • Web Meeting
  • In person at Client Site
  • In person away from Client Site
Which ever way you require your training you can be assured that CimWorks UK Ltd will provide the knowledge to allow full and productive use of the Visual SPC and Proficy Shop Floor SPC software suites.

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