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Statistical Process Control Training

SPC training takes manufacturing to the next level

For years SPC has been projected as being a black art, by consultants that want to keep making sales.

CimWorks UK Ltd have always held the view that this is short sighted, we want to introduce and develop a powerful technique for saving time, resource and ,in turn ,money.

Image based training for Real People

Our training is authoured to allow access by people who aren't Mathematics or Statistics Graduates.

We emphasise the use of drawings and images to take the place of formula, because we feel that this removes the pressure and complexity of learning about this subject.

Training across multiple media

We provide training directed at the following client levels

  • Operator
  • Cell Leader
  • Administrator
Training can be provided over the following media.
  • Tutor lead Web Meeting
  • In person at Client Site
  • In person away from Client Site
  • As a web based course
Which ever way you require your training you can be assured that CimWorks UK Ltd will provide the knowledge to allow full and productive use of Statistical Process Control.

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