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Proficy Historian

Collect the data now and use it later. Google and FaceBook are two of the worlds fastest growing and are certainly blue chip. They both started as less than well know companies, quietly collecting data. Years went by and this data became extremely valuable. It is easy to draw parallels to your manufacturing processes. Collecting the data now means that future challenges can be overcome by modelling historical data.
  • Built-in Data Collection
  • Fast Read/Write Performance Speeds
  • High Data Compression
  • Quick Time to Value
  • Enhanced Data Security
  • Robust Redundancy for High Availability
  • Open & Layered Integration

Proficy Historian provides Millisecond resolution of multiple data sources.

Built in data collection.

Collect data from a multitude of data sources using OPC (Object Linking and Embedding for Process Control).

Advanced Data Compression.

Data is compressed to reduce hardware costs. Even with no compression Proficy Historian has an eight fold improvement in disk space usage over proprietary Relational Databases. Next Steps....

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