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IMBus - Distributed Multi Gauging Control

IMBus is the fully flexible system for controlling complete cells of Gauging and instruments or sequencing automatic multigauging systems.

IMBus connects to a multitude of imstrument systems over a range of 4000ft.

No special tool are required to connect the system.

The system is programmed using the flexible ComGage Software.

Connections include:

  • Inductive Probes (Tesa, Solatron, Heidenhahn)
  • Incremental Probes (Digital TTL)
  • Air Gauging
  • Incremental (1Vpp/11uA)
  • Mitutoyo Digimatic
  • Analogue Input
  • Generic Serial Port (RS232)
  • IBRit-RF1 Wireless Gauge interface
  • Parallel BCD, BIN
  • Binary input/output
  • PLC (Profibus)
  • Measuring Computer(Mecc or Meic)
  • Desktop PC
  • Column displays (C200 or B200)
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