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Gauge Capability

What is it?

Gauge capability is a measure of how well Gauges perform in a given manufacturing environment.

Having low values for gauge capability can mean that the measurements that are made can vary beyond production specifications.

Having high values for gauge capability means that a great degree of confidence can be applied to measurments with respect to a given production environment.

Why is it important ?

Gauge Capability is the bedrock of a sufficient quality system.

Without good gauge capability it is impossible to buy off machines and monitor ongoing process capablity.

What can CimWorks UK do to help ?

CimWorks Uk Ltd has more than 20 years experience of proving gauges and instruments capable for use. Both contact and non contact dimensional systems.

We provide consultancy for new measuring systems, in the equipment procurement stage.

We assess legacy measuring systems, which results in advice about improvements to existing equipment or new equipment.

We provide surgery sessions for facilitating Gauge Capability events, the outputs of which can be presented at Audits by external organisations.

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