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Welcome to Cimworks UK – The calibration management specialists.

Calibration Management System

We supply calibration software and instruments to the manufacturing industry in order to assist businesses in achieving their improvement goals. Unlike some calibration management companies we don’t just sell and run; we are proud to offer a great level of support to our clients after the implementation of our software and instruments.

Cimworks UK offer a great range of software solutions for all your calibration needs. For example GAGEtrak Calibration Software helps you to schedule calibrations, retrieve calibration records and track gauge locations. GAGEtrak is one of the more popular choices of calibration management system amongst our clients as it is very affordable, easy to install and implement, and grows with your business.

An important part of any calibration management system is the implementation of a calibration recall plan. Over time your instruments will need to be regularly recalibrated in order to maintain their efficiency and accuracy so it’s important to schedule in this calibration recall at the right time so that the standards in your business don’t suffer due to poorly calibrated equipment.

Calibration Management System

At Cimworks UK we offer a variety of solutions to help businesses to deal with a variety of data, statistical and calibration concerns. For example our Proficy Shop Floor statistical process control software allows you to measure your process position within certain specifications so that you can centre your processes and minimise scrap production. Using this statistical process control solution can help you to pinpoint opportunities for improvement in areas such as machine maintenance or training within your business.

If you require some extra guidance and assistance in implementing or managing any of the software or equipment that Cimworks UK provide then we also offer a full consultancy service. Whether your business is just starting out with its first statistical process control system or moving it from paper to software, Cimworks UK are on hand to oversee the whole process and help you take your business to the next level.

We hope that you’ll find everything you need to know as you browse our website but if there is any further information that your require about our software, equipment, support or consultancy services then please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

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